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UpToDate Office was established to help companies set up and manage remote employees anywhere in the world!

Do You Want Your Employees To Work Remotely But Haven't Got The Slightest Idea How To Get Started… Or Even What Your Options Are? 

What You Need To Know Before You Transition Your Employees To Work-Remote. 

Are you confused by all the ins-and-outs surrounding the latest technology products that promise to make this easy? You’ve got Cloud products, Backup Recovery, VPN’s, Remote Desktops, and VoIP. In addition, you have to consider password management, remote back-ups, and all sorts of security aspects.
Confused? You’re not alone! Most are. And as more employees transition to remote work, the change in landscape raises serious questions:
● How are you responding to your employee’s IT needs?● How can you adapt your IT support to meet this change?● Do you have adequate IT support policies to handle this?● Furthermore, do you have systems in place to manage sustained remote work?


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What Technological Challenges?

Most businesses haven't fully prepared for the technological challenges a remote workforce brings. Traditionally, IT support and office security systems have all employees under one roof, connected to a single secure network environment. They don't have the required infrastructure to support allowing their workforce work remotely. Additionally, until the pandemic struck, it was unlikely for many employees to have much experience working from home. This fact becomes even more risky when you combine inexperience with fast-evolving cybersecurity threats.

VPN Issues

Even though Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) are quite common nowadays, it’s unlikely that most companies have set up their infrastructure for massive remote access. 
First of all, VPN connections will reduce your internet speed. Although it’s not usually noticeable, it may nevertheless become aggravated during times of high traffic. 


Moreover, when the VPN core gets flooded it may not support the sessions necessary or provide the required bandwidth. Slow VPN connections can be a serious problem, especially if they are employed to access your on-premise servers or software.
When it comes to remote access, you may require special configurations to mitigate any performance and service issues. This adds complexity to your network connection, possibly necessitating dedicated network management to monitor your private connection.

Security & Compliance Issues

It's likely your security and compliance systems cater to the traditional work environment, where employees worked under one roof connecting directly to the office's network infrastructure. What’s more, every business must comply with regional and federal regulations. Each passing year, the requirements grow more stringent, particularly when it comes to data and privacy.
Since a remote work environment will likely present new challenges to your IT security and compliance policies, you should consider where your data resides while your employees remotely work. By the same token, your data loss prevention policy must take care to stop any unauthorized downloading or sharing of sensitive data. You need a way to monitor such activities, as well as to watch over other insider risks, such as data leakage, IT theft, and more. Lastly, you must ensure that your remote employees comply with your company’s data retention policies.
For operating a fully remote work environment, you will need robust IT security and compliance policies that secure your IT infrastructure, adequately demonstrating your compliance.


About UpToDate Office

We love helping company's and employees get free!

We help companies transition their employees to work from anywhere. Our goal is to help companies do this without the stress and headaches associated with all the technical and logistic hurdles regularly involved. 
UpToDate Office is a Texas consultancy and IT firm offering our expertise throughout the state. 

Need an ISP?

We don't sell any ISP/broadband product, though. we have developed informed opinions regarding the various products available. That said, we can help you, as well as your employees, deteremine the best provider to suit your business needs within any particular area. In addition, we can manage the installation, upgrade, etc. 

The IT Support Challenges of Remote Employees

The foremost challenge with work-from-home employees relates to the end-user's network infrastructure. Your company has no control over the kind of network equipment used at an employee's home. And poor security opens their network, and yours, to a host of new threats, requiring you address major security gaps.
The typical home network uses consumer-grade network equipment not designed to handle the heavy load when everyone uses it simultaneously. Though a home user's ISP bandwidth may be sufficient, bandwidth bottlenecks can still result from home-grade equipment and configuration errors. These also cause problems with real-time services like VoIP and video conferencing platforms, especially when family members are actively streaming videos or playing online games.


A good security system will work silently in the background without requiring too much effort from the end-user. The focus of your security system should be on facilitating the work rather than creating new hurdles. In a remote work environment, this is often easier said than done. Yet that's not the only issue. Many security risks arise from poor security practices by your employees. If they are careless, this leaves an open door to dangerous threats.
In many cases, employees will be using company-issued devices to access your company's data. In others, they will be using personal devices. Either way, you have to mitigate the risk of unauthorized physical access. And if your employee uses personal devices, you will need to ensure the network’s security and mitigate the risks that arise from external storage use.



Having remote employees presents many possible benefits, like improved productivity, as well as a healthier, happier workforce. But this would be best achieved if you could do so without increasing your IT security risks or by compromising your compliance requirements. Nor do you want to unnecessarily burden your employees. 
While the COVID-19 pandemic brought much focus on the challenges of working-from-home, the challenges of IT support don't get talked about enough. IT support isn’t always about technical problems. Sometimes all it takes is a face-to-face chat with an employee to relieve the stress brought by a perplexing problem. But getting started on the right foot will help your business make a more seamless transition for your remote employees.

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